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Women On Wheels® was founded in California by an avid woman motorcyclist in 1982.   Its purpose has always been to unite women motorcycle enthusiasts, whether they ride their own machine, are motorcycle passengers, or future motorcyclists.  WOW members are located throughout the United States, Canada, and several other countries.   WOW has over 3500 members and is growing strong.

It's not what we ride that's important, but rather the fact that we enjoy riding to begin with! Women On Wheels® is a family-oriented organization and encourages family members to become involved through our support membership for spouses/significant others and our child membership for future riders.

Individual Participation
Once you become a member of Women On Wheels®, you can remain unaffiliated with a chapter and enjoy WOW through the magazine, the Ride-In (annual international rally), and the WOW web sites.   Or, you are welcome to participate with as many local chapters as you choose. There are currently more than 75 chapters.

Membership Benefits

The many benefits to WOW membership include the following:

  • - membership card
    - membership pin, patch, and helmet decal
    - courtesy cards
    - bumper and windshield stickers
    - annual member service directory
    - association discounts offered by some organizations in the motorcycle industry
    - subscription to the Women On Wheels® bi-monthly magazine
    - annual mileage contest
    - individual cumulative mileage award system
    - recruiter credits

There are currently no membership fees at the chapter level.  In order to participate with the Idaho Gems, however, you must become a member of Women On Wheels®, which is a great value for only $40 (US) per year.  Sign up for more than 1 year at a time and get a reduced rate.   Support membership is $25 per year - an excellent choice when you have someone else in the household belonging to WOW but you only want to receive one copy of the magazine.   Child membership is $10 per year.                

You may get an application from any Idaho Gems member, or you can go directly  to the national WOW web site and print a copy to mail.

Our motorcycling group is non-bike specific.   Our focus is safety.  Chartered in March, 2006, we plan short rides as well as overnighters, and participate in area wide non-profit charity and community events and rallies.   We love spontaneous, informal weekday rides!   If you can ride during the week, be sure to get on our email list so you can be notified of an impending putt.

Chapter Information
Riding in a group requires some discipline and adherence to common sense principals.    Since your actions not only affect you, but the other riders as well, we emphasize safety.    RIDE SAFE -- you may be riding in a group, but you must think for not follow blindly! Please remember you are responsible for your own bike and riding choices.

Participation in group rides require; 1000 miles of motorcycle riding experience, 500 miles of experience on the current motorcycle and membership in the national organization. No Alcohol or Drugs are permitted during rides or lunch stops. Any rider feeling they must partake will be asked to remove themselves from the group.  This is for the safety of all concerned. If you are going to separate from the group, for any reason, please let your ride coordinator or sweep rider know. We want to be sure everyone arrives home safely. If someone separates from the group without previously telling the lead, it‘s of great concern.

We ask our more novice riders to place themselves towards the back of the group. If you feel you fit into this category, please place yourself there.  Starting in the year 2016, we will be offering a Monthly Mentor Ride to help new riders acclimate riding with a group and to just improve overall riding skills.

New members short of the mileage requirements are encouraged to join in on the Monthly Mentor Rides and “log some miles”. Remember these rules are to promote safe riding experiences. 

Significant Others can ride as Support Members to Full Members.   There are lots of ladies out there that have husbands, S.O.’s, or boyfriends that like to ride, too.  They are welcome to attend as Support Members to a Full Member.   We have none at the local club level.* However if you are riding with our group you need to join the national
Women On Wheels® organization.   Our members can provide you with an application or you can go to the national website.
Please print out and read the Idaho Gems Motorcycle Ride Release Form.   You will be asked to sign and file with the chapter this form prior to your first ride with the group.    You will also be asked to fill out and file with the Chapter Director a copy of our Emergency Form.   Please print this form and keep a copy of both for your records.    Please arrive at the rendezvous point with a FULL TANK OF GAS.

In addition, our chapter will also observe additional WOW goals:                    

  • - Assist the motorcycling community and the public at large in becoming aware that women are serious motorcyclists deserve recognition.
  • -Encourage further developments within the motorcycle industry to meet women's needs for equipment, clothing and accessories.
  • -Make available information on safe riding techniques and encourage participation in motorcycle safety courses.
  • -Promote a positive image of motorcyclists, and of women as motorcyclists, through educating the news media and the general public, thereby challenging the untrue stereotypes that are commonly presented.
  • -​Enhance the sheer enjoyment of motorcycling, and encourage women by showing them they have limitless potential and can accomplish any dream. 

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