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Idaho Gems

August 27, 2019 

Attendees: Rachel, Michelle, Val, Kim, Deby, Margie, Trina, Norma, Tess, Cindy

> The Emmett Dinner ride to the Riverside Cafe in HB on 7/25, was very pleasant. A beautiful evening for a ride along the Payette River. Deby, Fleda Norma & Val attended.
> Afternoon ride to the campsite of Richelle’s at Warm Lake. Richelle put on quite a spread of delicious food. It was a lovely ride & evening of epic Dutch Oven food.
> Impromptu ride to Celebration Park. A great way to escape some of the hot summer weather. Just a pleasant Ride for all.

> 8/29 - Dinner Ride Hilltop Cafe above Lucky Peak & Ten Mile Creek. Meet Gowen Chevron @ 6pm Dinner first, then ride.
> 9/2  - Labor Day Lowman Loop. Meet Beacon Light Chevron. KSU 10:15am
> 9/6,7,8,9 - The Island Park weekend has been cancelled. The cabin is being sold.
> 9/10 - Dinner Ride - Celebration Park-Brown Bag. Meet at Chevron @ Happy Valley & Amity (Roundabout) KSU 6:15pm
> 9/14 - Ride for 22 Night Glow. Ride from Birds of Prey to Slicks Bar. Meet at BoP with bikes dressed in lights. 6pm $15
> 9/21 - Accident Scene Management Beginner class. Sign up asm1910047 or contact 208-863-8078 Advanced class will be offered in Oct. & you must have taken a Beginner class within 2 years in order to take the Advanced Class
> 9/27 Weekend at Stanley……………PENDING

OFFICER NOMINATIONS for 2020 are as Follows:
1. Chapter Director (required) Sandra Werner
2 Co-Director no nomination at this time
3. Chapter Secretary Valerie Block
4. Activity Coordinator no nomination at this time
5. Historian Robin Humphrey
*6. State Ambassador Deby Clover
Nominations for Idaho Gems Officers close on Sep. 17 (one week before the meeting)  If you are interested in ANY position please let us know before the deadline. We are still looking for  someone to take over the website too.
*State Ambassador is not an elected position. It is appointed by HQ. The Nomination of Deby for SA has been submitted as of 8/28/19

*** Sep. 24 - August Meeting and Elections. Plus special speakers on liability insurance, etc. Meeting held at Boise Watershed meeting room. Meeting starts at 6pm!

June 25, 2019
Attendees: (Meeting Notes by Sandra while Cindy recuperates from knee surgery) Michelle, Richelle, Fleda, Val, Pennie, Lyn, Deb, Sandra, Trina, Norma and Robin

>  June 1 , 2019 Big Dam Tour was fun and we should plan on doing it again. Deb, Robin, Tommy, Trina, Val, Sandra, Pete, Elaine and Kimmie (Elaine and Kimmie we just met)  We stopped at four 4 dams, Black Canyon, Lucky Peak, Swan Falls and Lake Lowell. About 200 in miles 4. 5 hours.   Mad Mac catering when we returned to BOP. Raffle prizes were won by several in the group.
>  June 6, 2019: Dinner Ride: Sandra, Robin, Val, Kim and Margie. Was not so much a ride as meet for dinner. Weather was windy and cool.
Met at Food Trucks at the Covenant Presbyterian Church 4848 N Five Mile Boise Food Truck foods varied from Hawaiian, Soul food, Barbeque, Mexican and a few others. Trucks are there every Thursday this summer. We can plan to meet again.
>  June 8, 2019 Shoshone Ice Caves: Sandra, Robin, Kim, Margie, Norma, Val, Richelle, Deb Day started out very chilly. We took the freeway to Mt Home then headed to Fairfield.  Definitely new snow in them thar’ hills. The caves were fascinating and yes there is ice.  Our tour guide was very knowledgeable. We heard about some history of nearby Richfield so we took a side tour to the town to check out the celebration. We didn't really find what we were looking for so we continued on to Shoshone where we ate lunch at the Manhattan Cafe.  After lunch, Deb had to do a “MaGyver” act to get to her helmet unlocked. Ask her sometime about her skills. We continued our trip to Gooding where we caught the freeway home.  Boogied home quickly so Margie could get to the Eagle Rodeo.  Another great trip we should do again. There is more in the area to explore.
>  June 15, 2019 Owyhee Dam- Glory Hole: Deb, Norma, and Fleda Ride was good in spite of the rock slide that closed the road a few days earlier due to a rainstorm.    The road had some rocks but manageable. Definitely had to pick your line and watch  for debris.
>  June 23, 2019 Impromptu ride to Stanley. Richelle, Robin, Deb, Pennie, Nikki  Found a new restaurant to try, Sawtooth Luce’s. Weather was perfect.

>  6/27/ 2019 7 pm Mandatory Pre-Casper Ride meeting   Pennie's patio Nampa, ID
>  6/29/2019 Ride to Brundage Mt. Meet at Beacon Light Chevron KSU 10 am
>  7/7/2019 International W.O.W.  RIde In  (Casper WY) InDepart to 2019 National WOW® Ride-In™ Casper, WY. Meet at Gowen  Chevron 6:45am  KSU 7am
>  7/16/2019 Dinner Ride-CANCELED
>  7/18-21 Pendleton Bike rally. On your own as several have just gotten back from Wy.
>  7/23/2019
Regular meeting. 6pm Change in location for this meeting.  Boise Water Shed  11818 Joplin Rd (take entrance B)  Boise, ID 83714   We will have a tour of the plant and the educational center then we will eat.   Dinner Brown bag. Lindy's finger steaks are near by along with Guido's pizza.   Sandra will bring dessert. Peanut Butter Pie, caramel corn and another tasty  surprise.   You are welcome to play in the water features.   Bring walking shoes and know that it may be hot.
>  7/25/ 2019 Dinner Ride to Emmett. Meet at Chevron at Middleton Road and Chinden  6:30 PM
>  7/27/2019 ICMS Pine Rally This one can get rowdy, like a mini Sturgis.   Meet at Gowen Chevron 9 am. This is an come one come all rally. Not just a WOW function.

May 28, 2019

Meeting notes for 5/28/2019 taken by Sandra Werner.    Attendees:  Kim, Trina, Fleda, Robin, Monica, Richelle, Rachel, Deb, Pennie, Sandra and Margie      Visitors:  Tess Rhodas and Elaine Martin    Meeting Called to order 7 pm

Deb thanked all of us for support during her loss.  We are here to support each other!

Old Business:
>  April 27  Ride for 22:  We raised close to $16K.  Debbie and Doug Knehr will keep and store the display that Jeff built.  Final inventory was only off by 2 hats.   We did awesome, but more changes will happen next year.  The ride will start in Caldwell next year.   Kudos to Val and Jeff for all the pre-work and building the display boards.  The event went well because of their pre event work.
>  May 4:  International Female Ride Day:  Sandra, Robin, Cindy, and Val set up a booth at BOP.  Because the weather was awesome, BOP had a slow day.  People were out riding. We saw one female customer all day.  We packed up the booth around 12 and took the back roads home.
>  May 11:  Hagerman: Robin, Deb, Trina, Val and Norma.  Ride was great and even had Peanut Butter Pie (not as great as Sandra’s though).  We need to do this ride again and stop at the Elevation Restaurant in Twin Falls.  Date TBD.
> May 18:  Impromptu Emmett Loop:  Richelle and Val
>  May 26 Impromptu Ride:  Val (Jeff), Robin, Deb:  Pleasant Valley, Ten Mile Creek and spent time trying to dodge rain.

New Business:
>  June 1 Saturday:  The Big Dam Tour Birds of Prey Motorsports Breakfast 9-10.  KSU 10am   Cost is $15 Sign up on BOP Facebook page.  Additional raffle tickets will be given for early sign up by Thursday 5 pm and for having at least 4 members of a group.    I believe that there are 4 dams:  Black Canyon, Lucky Peak, Swan Falls and Lake Lowell.  There will be a BBQ after the ride.
>  June 6 Thursday Dinner Ride and Eagle Gazebo Concert Series: Meet at Covenant Presbyterian Church 4848 N Five Mile Road Boise.  5:30 pm  Food Trucks are at this location on Thursdays.  We will eat first then ride to Eagle Heritage City Park for a concert by Billy Blues Band.  Concert from 6:30-9.
>  ****   UPDATE   changed to June 8:  Ride to Shoshone Ice Caves : Meet @Gowen Chevron 8:30 KSU 8:45.  Bring snacks, water, flashlight, jacket.  It’s approximately  131 miles but route TBD.  Sandra to lead.

Cancelled  06/15 - Garden Ride to the Zabinski Gardens in Donnelly....  Instead     >  June 15 Owyhee Dam.  Meet at BOP 12:00.  Stop at Notus Cafe for lunch and then continue to the dam. Deb to lead.
>  June 25:  Regular Meeting,   Meridian Pizza Hut 6 pm dinner and social.  7 pm meeting
>  June 27: 7 pm   MANDATORY MEETING for anyone attending Casper Ride- in;   Change of location   Pennie’s Foster’s Patio   Please contact Chapter Directors or Ambassador for address in Nampa.

>  Thank you Sandra for taking the meeting notes during Cindy’s absence. 

***  Next meeting June 25 at Meridian Pizza Hut.  Meeting 7pm   Optional dinner 6pm.

April 23, 2019

Old Business:
> Dinner ride to Sand Hollow April 4.  Sandra lead.  Took back roads to Sand Hollow Café.  Was a pleasant ride and very  little traffic.  Owners of the store we pleased to have us.  Food was good.  Sandra, Richelle, Val, Robin, Denise, Stormy,  ?
> Dinner ride to Notus: Cancelled due to weather.  Rescheduled for May 15, 2019.
> Dinner ride to Hill Top April 18.  Met at HDHD.  10 mile creek to Gowen Road, Up highway 21 to Hill top.  The place was not busy and the weather PREFECT.  Saw deer and a full moon.   Trina, Deb, Sandra, Richelle, Stormy, Kim, Norma, Robin, 
>  Ride for 22 Organization meeting:  We met at Val’s house to sort and organize the product for the ride.  Val had numbered the product and her husband Jeff had built a display to hang items.  Was the best ever. Thanks to Val 80% of the work was compete.

New Business:
> Ride for 22 Charity Ride:  Saturday April 27, 2019 Be at HDHD at 7 am to set up. Preride ceremonies start at 11:00. Expect to be there until 5 pm.
> Sunday April 28, 2019:  Meet at Val’s house at 10:00 am to count final inventory.  ($15,364 of product sold)
> Casper trip:  All attendees have paid for rooms.   Julie from Oregon will be riding with our group.  We will have a mandatory meeting about 10 days prior to depart date.  Date TBD
> May 4:  International Female Ride Day.  HDHD has decided to focus on other rides so WOW will be setting up a booth at BOP only for the day.  We will be setting up around 9:30 and will be there until around 2 pm. Cindy, Val and Sandra will be there to let women know we are a riding group for women. All members are welcome to stop by and offer support.
>  May 4:  ICMS ride.  Ride starts at Lucky Peak around 11:00 and rides to the capital then to Park for picnic.
> May 11 Ride to Hagerman:  meet at Gowen Chevron at 8:15 am KSU at 8:30.  Deb will be back and lead.  Taking back roads and stopping at Snake River Grill for Peanut Butter Pie (hopefully).  This is a long ride so plan accordingly.
> May 15:  Dinner ride to Notus: ***  
UPDATE -  Cancelled.  Hopefully rescheduled week of 5/20-24 weather permitting.
> May 19 :  Ride to Weiser
> WOW July 23 Meeting Idea:   Sandra suggested we meet at the Boise Watershed campus.  We can have a brown bag, order pizza, do a picnic or whatever.  The watershed education team will give us a tour of the watershed and plant if members would like and then we can play in the water feature.
> Margie invited the group to an event and concert in Eagle in June.  More info to follow.
***  Next meeting May 28 at Meridian Pizza Hut

March 26, 2019

Attendees: Pennie, Sandra, Margie, Val, Nikki, Denise, Kim, Robin, Richelle, Norma, Cindy, Monica, Trina and Deby. 
Special Guests: Doug and Debbie Knehr Ride for 22 and ICMS

Old Business:
> After Holiday Party, everyone had a great time. Thanks foe hosting Kim.
> Bikers for Boobies no one attended
> Swan Falls was a great adventure. The weather was great and we got lost. New term: Free Range Riding (FRR). Robin led. Richelle & Val attended.

New Business:
> Casper WY: Deby will keep everyone who is going apprised of the details as they come in. Keep an eye on your emails and we will certainly have a special mandatory ride meeting for EVERYONE riding with us about 10-days prior to leaving. There are still a couple of people who say they are going, but have yet to pay their Ride-In™ fees to HQ. Also, if you have not paid Trina or Sandra for your rooms, PLEASE
do so ASAP! PLEASE be prompt with this, if you are planning on going with us.
> March 28 Prom gone wrong CANCELLED
> Thursday, April 4 Dinner ride to the Sand Hollow Café. Meet at the Chevron at Middleton Rd and HWY 20/26. KSU 6:30 .
> Saturday, April 6 ICMS Spring Memorial and Biker Appreciation Dinner. Ride ends at VFW Post 63 Overland and Maple Grove. Registration for ride is 10:30am to Noon at Storey Park in Meridian. Ride route is TBD.
> Sunday, April 7 Notus Café. Meet at Birds Of Prey Motorsports 721 Hannibal Street Caldwell At Noon. We will ride to the Notus Cafe for Lunch. Which is a very short ride from there, so after lunch we can ride to a TBD ride after.
> Wednesday, April 10 Hammer and Stain 1500 Locust Grove Meridian, Meet there at 7pm $10.00 charge. So far a count of 6 has committed to attend. Contact Richelle (208) 861-6921 if you want to attend or need to cancel.
> April 18 Thursday diner ride. 10 Mile Creek route to Hill Top Café. Meet at HDHD 6pm KSU 6:30p Sandra to Lead.
> Saturday, April 20 Birds Of Prey Motorsports - Can-Am Spyder Demo rides ALL DAY
> April 23 - 4th Tuesday, Regular Idaho Gems™ WOW® meeting at Pizza Hut, Meridian 7pm
> Saturday, April 27 is Ride for 22 at HDHD. This is our charity! Meet at High Desert Harley at 7am Saturday morning to set up merchandize.
The product should be delivered to Val’s house around 4/20. We will sort and organize the merchandise at her house when it arrives. Deby will send out details then. If we have enough people, this should only take a couple hours or so.

February 17, 2019

Meeting Notes:   Attendees: Monica, Deby, Valerie, Nikki, Trina, Richelle, Margie, Sandra W., Robin, Norma, Denise;

Please see Ride Calendar as this is what was discussed and planned at this meeting.    

***Next monthly meeting on Tuesday 3/26 at Meridian Pizza Hut. Optional dinner 6pm.  Meeting 7pm

January 22, 2019
Meeting Notes:   Attendees: Denise, Melanie, Richelle & Tony, Val, Norma, Trina, Deby, Robin, Cindy,  Monica, Nikki and Rachel. Guests: Doug and Debbie Knehr, ICMS and Ride for 22™

New Business:
Welcome back everyone. This is our first meeting of 2019.
>  3/17 - Ride Safe Idaho™ will be teaching Accident Scene Management class at Boise Water Shed building, 11818 Joplin Rd, Boise, ID 83714. Basic 100 series instructor led class. 8:30 to 4:30pm Cost is $75/per student, registration closes Thurs. 3/7/2019 Cost of class includes all course materials, patch and CEU's. Register link: http://
>  2/17 - Ride Scheduling Meeting - 2:32pm at Nikki Bauer’s house. Caldwell ID 83605 - This means no regular meeting at Pizza Hut.
>  2/24 (AHP) After Holiday Party 2 pm at Kim Marshall’s house Eagle. We will be addressing AHP at our next meeting.
>   Let’s Talk about the Ride-in™ on July 9, 10, 11 in Casper WY. Trina has confirmation numbers for the rooms at the Ramkota Inn 302-266-6000. and will need reimbursement  ASAP. 4 nights at $97.01 per night. Don’t forget to register for the Ride-In™ on-line through the national site. It’s about 650 miles to Casper, 300+ miles per day. Maybe stay overnight (coming & going) at the Flying Saddle Resort in Alpine WY. $129.00 to $149.00 per night. Sandra out more info on reservations here & make reservations, if we want.
> Doug from ICMS stopped by to inform us of upcoming ICMS events. 2/16 ICMS Cabin Fever Dance. 459 W Main Street Kuna. $5 cover. Doors open at 7pm, band starts at 9pm.
>  4/6 ICMS Spring Fun Run. Starting at Storey Park and dinner at VFW Post 63 on Maple Grove Boise.
>  5/4 ICMS Awareness Ride. Meet at Lucky Peak and end at Municipal Park.
> 7/12-14 ICMS Biker Rodeo in Pine ID. Nestors Hotel
4/27 Ride for 22™ (IS OUR CHARITY) Suicide Awareness Ride Register for ride $20.00at HDHD. We will be sorting shirts for Ride for 22™ at Val’s house aprox. 2 weeks prior to event. Details to come.
>  9/14 Night Light. “Light Up the Night” BOP 6pm-8pm. Light up your bikes Ladies!! This ride will  coincide with Octobers “Out of the Darkness” walk. More information to follow.  

Next Meeting, Feb 17, 2019 2:32pm at Nikki Baur’s 304 W. Spruce St. Caldwell

October 23, 2018
Attendees: Deby, Kim, Denise, Trina, Sandra, Valerie, Lynn, Richelle

Old Business:
>  The group held a record of 8 different rides or events over the course of the month of October with an average of 4-5 members attending each. The riding season does not seem to be slowing down too much this year. The weather has been fabulous.
>  We will try and do another overnight ride to Yellowstone/Island Park sometime in early fall again in 2019. That trip was amazing. Kudos to Sandra for her spectacular organizing skills and to Richelle for the great accommodations.

New Business:
>  WOW® Mileage Contest ends for all categories Oct. 31, 2018. So check your mileage at the end of the day on Oct. 31. Turn in your ending mileage statements to WOW HQ no later than Nov. 30th. If you never turned in a beginning mileage statement this past spring, DO SO NOW! I emailed a mileage form to all of you a few days ago.
>  Winter Game Nights - Is open to whatever or whomever wishes to host. We can also go somewhere like bowling or go carts. This will be an impromptu event. Or we may just meet for a beer/soda pizza & conversation. It’s entirely up to you! Feel free to post an event on the
Facebook page.
>  After Holiday Party (A.H.P.) - Will be Feb. 24, 2019 - 2pm Pot Luck & Chinese gift exchange @ Kim Marshal’s house.
>  Chpt. Director’s YOU ROCK Award - This year’s recipient is Trina Michaelis.
>  Ride Planning meeting for 2019 will be held March 26, 2019. Location TBD.
>  Member Questions:  The question was recently asked about new members & people who are attending events that haven’t actually paid dues or joined & also children at events, meetings, etc. I did not know the full answer at the time so I posed the question about this subject to the CD/SA Forum coordinator Janice Seiller, and this was her reply:
   "Anyone may attend 3 (three) activities before being asked to join. That is cumulative, so 2 this year and maybe 1 in the next = 3 (hard to keep track of so we recommend they sign a guest waiver). They are able to attend overnight rides and any event with the appropriate waiver signed, kids too with the child waiver. (I'd recommend if you know Jane is bringing her 6 YO niece and that the event is at a non-kid friendly place that you talk to her in advance.   It all really depends on the situation here..the Board of Trustees recently approved an updated manual so when I post that I'll circle back and let you know the sections pertaining to this topic.”
     It is also my understanding that each chapter may adopt their own policies pertaining to some of  these circumstances. i.e. children and male partners at events. Something we may discuss in the future.
Everyone have a great holiday season and I will see you all next year, if not before……Deby​​​​​

**** Next official Meeting is Jan. 22, 2019, Pizza Hut - 675 Progress Ave. - Meridian

September 25, 2018 Meeting notes
Attendees: Deby, Sandra W., Denise, Melanie, Rachel, Cindy, Richelle, Kim, Val and Trina

Old Business:
>9/8 Lowman Loop- - -9/13 Horseshoe Bend Dinner ride- - -9/15 Night Glow Ride for 22, Great turnout really lit up the night.

New Business:
> ELECTIONS: The group voted and passed the following new & continuing officers for 2019 except for the office of Sergeant At Arms, which was eliminated:
  Chapter Director: Deby Clover
  Co-Director: Sandra Werner
  Chapter Secretary: Cindy Stephens
  Chapter Activity Coordinator: Richelle White
  Chapter Historian: Rachel Mauden
>Oct 6 - BOP Caldwell Scavenger Hunt Ride to benefit the Veterans Hall in Caldwell.
>Oct. 7 - Lowman Loop. Meet at Beacon Light Chevron 11am KSU11:15am.
>Oct. 13 - Hagerman Day Ride. Meet at Gowen Chevron 9am KSU 9:15am
>Oct. 13 - STAR slow speed course  MOTO CHALLENGE  Meridian Middle School 1:45pm
>Oct. 18 - Dinner ride Sunrise Inn Cafe Middleton. Meet at Chinden & Middleton Rd. Chevron 10962 Hwy 20/26 Caldwell, 83605 - 6:15pm KSU 6:30pm Sunrise Café for dinner.
>Oct. 20 - Haunted World (near Hwy20/26 & Northside Rd. intersection). Corn maze for those not interested in the scary house part. Meet at Haunted World 7pm, 20031 Northside Blvd, Caldwell, ID 83605
>Oct. 21 - Sunday Day ride to Payette Meet at Hwy20/26 & Middleton Rd. intersection Chevron 10962 Hwy 20/26 Caldwell, 83605 - 10:15am KSU 10:30

***Next meeting, Oct 23, 2018 Pizza Hut 675 S Progressive Ave Meridian ID. 6pm dinner and conversation. 7 pm for dinner.

August 28, 2018 Meeting notes. 
Meeting called to order by Deby Clover, Chapter Director
Attendees: Trina, Cindy, Margie, Sandra W., Denise, Norma, Kim, Deby, Rachael, Nikki and Melanie, new member and Mike (husband) and one Guest Cassandra,

Old Business:
>8/4 Ola/Sweet Ride. Richelle, Deby, Kim, Valerie, and Denise. Nice day for a ride. The restaurant in Ola was closed due to the fair. We had lunch at the Triangle Café. Good food and a place to remember.
>8/10-12 Cascade Overnighter @ Trina’s. Everyone had a blast on the lake. Lots of silly stories to be told for years!
>8/23 Hidden Springs ride. Very nice road to practice curves a & it’s close. Had dinner at Hawkin’s PacOut at the bottom of Bogus Basin Road & Hill Rd .

New Business:
>Annual Elections for Chapter Officers. Nominations will close 9/11/2018 and VOTING will be held at the September 25th meeting. If you are not attending the September 25th meeting and would like to vote, we suggest you email your ballot to Deby prior to the September meeting. Please ask the person if she is willing to serve in the position BEFORE nominating her.    If you are currently an officer, please let us know if you would like to continue or give up  your seat in office at this time.
>Sep. 20 - IMPORTANT: If you are attending the Island Park Overnighter, there will be a Ride Meeting at Deby’s house a week before we leave, to finalize meal plans, routes, etc. There is no room left at the Cabin, but if you would like to go there are hotels in the area. 7pm PLEASE try to attend this meeting. It’s important.
>Sep. 8 - Lowman Loop to Idaho City Ride. Meet at Beacon Light Chevron. 10am KSU 10:15am. Lunch at Trudy’s.
>Sep. 8 - Boobie ride sponsored by HDHD. 10-3 pm KSU 6:15.
>Sep. 13 - Thursday night dinner ride. Horseshoe Bend. Meet at Beacon Light Chevron 6pm Dinner at Kits, in HSB.
>Sep. 14-16 Is the Year End Meet (YEM) for Motor Maids in McCall ID. You don’t have to be a member of MM. All riders welcome.
>Sep. 15 – Ride for 22 Night Glow Ride. Birds of Prey to Slicks Bar. Meet at BOP with bikes dressed in lights. 6pm $15
>9/14-16 Hyde Park Street Fair, Mondannas Headgear will be exhibiting.
>9/18- Taco Tuesday @ HDHD 12-7pm
>9/22 Pine Flats “glamping” is still pending….TBD
>9/22 Swap Meet at HDHD 9:30-6pm
>9/28-10/1 Island Park Overnighter.
***  Next Chapter meeting is September 25, 2018 - Pizza Hut 675 S. Progress Meridian ID. 6pm social hour, 7pm meeting.

June 26, 2018 Meeting notes
Attendees: Deby, Monica, Trina, Val, Cindy, Fleda, Richelle, Sandra W., Kim, Nikki, And  Welcome New Members Rachel Mauden and Norma Perrone-Dube . Special Guests: Doug and Debbie Knehr from ICMS and Ride for 22.

Old Business:
> John Day Overnighter, 6/1-3. Great trip had a great time, and lots of shopping. 600-700 miles.
> Lowman Loop 6/10 Canceled due to weather
> Map Rock Dinner ride. 6/14 Huge turn out and a great time.
> Hagerman Back Road Ride. 6/23 Pretty nice and fun ride. The pie is to die for in  Hagerman. Happy Birthday to Val ride. The wind was terrible though. Nice tail wind going down but coming home was fierce.

New Business:
> Website Discussion, Trina. It has come to Trina’s attention that our GoDaddy website is not a secure site and Google will be requiring it to be secure by July. We need an SSL license and it’s $90.00 for 2 years (normally $75/yr). This measure was put to a group vote and Monica from Mondana’s Headwear has stepped up to pay the fee. Thanks to our own Monica, who will soon have link on our page as a sponsor.
> July 1 Lowman Loop “a spirited ride” with Adele. Meet at Beacon Light Chevron 10am KSU 10:15am. Going the other direction and ending up at Trudy’s for lunch.
> July 7 Eagle Fun Days. Our song is “Girls just want to have fun”. So, dress up in the 80’s theme. Think Cyndi Lauper. Our application has been accepted. Thank you, Margie.
> July 10-12 Women on Wheels Ride-In in Johnson City, TN. Deby will be doing her Bucket List cross-country solo ride.
> July 14 ICMS Rally in Pine…Rodeo at Noon
> July 16 Dead Man’s Pass Oregon. Weekday Impromptu to Pendleton perhaps.

> The Pendleton Bike Rally is July 18. Foghat is the band.
> July 19 Dinner ride to Celebration Park. Brown bag. Meet at Idaho Center Chevron 5950 E. Franklin Rd, Nampa ID. 6:15pm KSU 6:30pm. Deby will be at Ride-in, so we will need a leader that night. Volunteers?
> July 21 Mountain Mama’s 42nd Arts and Crafts fair. TBD
> August 3 or 4 Discussion about Rattlesnake Hwy and Old White bird Summit.
> September 28-October 1 Island Park/Yellowstone. The cabin is FULL. Anyone else wanting to go must make other accommodations. $100 down at time of meeting for the NON-REFUNDABLE full payment.
      **** Next meeting July 24, 2018 BIRDS OF PREY MOTORSPORTS, Caldwell ID 721 Hannibal St.

May 22, 2018 Meeting Notes
Attendees: Val, Trina, Becky, Margie, Monica, Richelle, Sandra, Deby, Kim, Nikki, and Cindy

Old Business:
>  May 5 ICMS Awareness Rally. Great day for a ride. After the rally, we rode the Lowman Loop. Riders: Deby, Becky, Trina, Kim, Nikki, Margie, Denice and Lyn.
>  May 12 Swap meet at HDHD. Deby set up a WOW booth and had a couple of women show interest.
>  May 17 Dinner ride to the Hill Top Café. Beautiful ride and we missed most of the rain in spite of the threatening clouds. The sun came out on the ride home, showing spectacular sun set Riders: Kim, Trina, Margie, Sandra W, and Deby
>  May 20 Emmett Loop to Ola Café. Riders: Becky, Kim, Trina, Richelle and son Parker, Sandra W., Deby with lots of fog and mist coming over Horseshoe Bend Hill, but it became nice the rest of the day.

New Business:
> June 1-3 John Day Overnighter. Meet at Flying J Exit 29, 10am, KSU 10:15am. Sandra W will lead the ride. The route to John Day is through Nyssa, Vale, Burns and then north to John Day. The route back home, will be Hwy 26. Sandra has rooms reserved. Val, Richelle, and Sandra W. are going. If you would like to go please get in touch with Sandra W.
> June 10 Lowman Loop lunch at South Fork Lodge. Meet at Beacon Light Chevron 503 S Eagle Rd, Eagle 10:45am KSU 11am. The Patriot Thunder ride is also this day, we opted for a scoot on the Lowman Loop instead.
>  June 14 Dinner ride. Map Rock Road. Meet at the Orchard House in Caldwell, 14949Sunny Slope Rd. 6:30pm for dinner. Dinner first and then ride.
>  June 23 Hagerman Old Hwy 30, back road ride. Meet at Gowen Rd Chevron Exit 57 at 8:30am KSU 8:45 am
>  July 7 Eagle Fun Days Parade. Margie Ridgeway will be getting more details for the June meeting.
>  July 14 Nikki has suggested a ride to Deadman Pass between La Grande and Pendleton. Ride details will be finalized at the June 26, 2018 meeting.
>  July 19 Celebration Park Dinner Ride - Brown Bag. We need someone to lead this ride. Meet at Idaho Center Chevron 5950 E Franklin Rd. Nampa 6:15pm KSU 6:30 pm
>  September: Island Park in Eastern Idaho. Richelle has access to a cabin. Possible dates September 28- October 1. 3 nights in the cabin, Trips through Yellowstone and Jackson Hole WY.
***Next meeting, June 26, 2018 Pizza Hut 675 S Progressive Ave Meridian ID. 6pm dinner and conversation. 7 pm for dinner.

April 24, 2018 Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order by Deby Clover, #19259, at 7pm   Attendees: Trina, Monica, Deby, Sandra W, Kim, Becky, Denise, Margie, Richelle, Val, Cindy and Lynn.    Special guests: Doug and Debbie Knehr, Ride for 22

Old Business:

> 4/15 Impromptu ride to Shoshone Falls. Great weather and all back roads. Stopped for Peanut Butter Pie and lunch at the Snake River Grill in Hagerman. The Falls were spectacular.
> 4/21 Ride for 22. Our charity commitment. Doug and Deb came to our meeting to thank us for our hard work. We took over the t-shirt and sweatshirt product sales. Sales were over $12,000 this year. We had a great time and the weather was great for the poker run. Doug and Debbie asked for our input on the system that was set up. Going forward, we would like to be more organized with product. The general conclusion was to have the product at one of our homes a few days before the event so we can sort through and organize it in a manner that works for us. It was a great turn out for a very good cause.

New Business:

> 4/26 Thursday dinner ride to the Notus Café. Meet at Birds of Prey Caldwell, Exit 28 6:15 pm KSU 6:30 pm.
> May 5 - ICMS Awareness Rally. Meet Gowen Chevron Exit 57 @ 10:45. KSU at 11am. We will ride up to Sandy Point as the WOWgroup then join the procession to downtown Boise when they leave at 1pm. Turn right onto W. Myrtle St. towards Municipal Park for lunch.
> 5/12 Swap Meet @ HDHD. 9:00-6pm. Forms are at the front desk at High Desert HD and on their website. Monica and Deby will be there selling stuff and promoting WOW. It’s a great event to buy and sell stuff.
> 5/17 Dinner ride to the Hill Top Café via Ten Mile Creek road. Sandra Werner to lead. Meet 6 pm at High Desert HD

> 5/20 Emmett Loop to Ola Café. Meet at Beacon Light road Chevron at 10:45 am KSU 11 am.
***  Remember our meetings are always the 4th Tuesday of the month   Next meeting is May 22, 2018 Pizza Hut - Meridian 6pm dinner & social. Meeting @ 7pm

March 27, 2018  Meeting Notes
Meeting called to order by Deby Clover, #19239, at 7pm   Attendees: Lyn - Kim - Trina - Denise - Kat - Deby. Guests: Doug & Deb Knehr, from Ride for 22.

New Business:
>April 7 - Is the ICMS Spring Memorial Run & Appreciation Dinner starting 10:30am-12pm $10 entry fee for Ride @ HDHD. Ride will end at the VFW hall. Free dinner 4-6 @ VFW Hall (Maple Grove & Overland) Does not need to be on ride to attend dinner. Prizes to be given away during dinner.
>April 7 is also the day that the Proclamation declaring Idaho to be the first state to recognize April as Veteran Suicide Awareness month, will be read at the state capitol for Ride For 22.
>April 11 - Avoid a Ticket & Survive a Crash with Meridian Police Officer Will Stoy 6-8pm HDHD always a fun seminar and Ride Safe Idaho will be there representing the upcoming April class.
>April 12 Thursday - OUR FIRST Dinner Ride. Meet at BOP at 6pm with a full gas tank. KSU 6:15p and off we go to the Notus Garage Café. CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER.

>The Ride for 22, is our adopted charity. This weekend at Slicks Bar 525 E. Karcher RD. in Nampa will be their kick-off fund raising campaign. 7pm. Then on Saturday, April 21, is their Ride for 22 Suicide Awareness Rally. The same rally we volunteered at last year.  Our job this year will be the same as last…Selling Products. Debbie is getting several new iPads with squares so we can handle credit cards. We are thinking maybe 2 lines…one for cash & one for credit cards. This should move folks through faster. We need to be at High Desert Harley-Davidson and ready to go by 8am. I recommend we arrive by 7:30am.  Boise Valley Riders will be monitoring the Poker Run, but there may be need for a few of us to also do this. Be versatile, as we should to be available where there is need. The Jeep drawing will be held at 4pm.

>Spring Cornering class with our own personal STAR instructor, Trina. Slow Speed turns and a practice ride. To be held at the Idaho Center parking lot when we figure out a date. Tentative dates are for May or June. Be thinking about what would work best for you and we will set a final date next meeting.
>Enjoy the weather and Ride Safe!
****   NextNext meeting is April 24 Pizza Hut - Meridian 6pm dinner & social. Meeting @ 7pm

February 25, 2018       Meeting Notes & Annual Ride Schedule
2:30pm  Attendees: Trina, Richelle, Sandra W., Val, Monica, Nikki, Kim, Denise, Cindy, Lyn, Margie, Deby 
Kim hosted with a potluck lunch.

Please see Chapter Calendar for results of the meeting and proposed ride schedule

*****   3/27 Monthly WOW Meeting. 6pm dinner & meeting 7pm — Pizza Hut - 675 S. Progressive -Meridian, Idaho

January 23, 2018   Meeting Notes
Meeing called to order at 7:00pm.   Attendees: Deby, Lynn, Richelle, Nikki, Cindy, Kim, Sandra, Val, Trina, Margie, Denise and Monica.      Special guests Doug and Debbie Knehr, from ICMS and Ride for 22.
Doug and Debbie Knehr joined us for dinner and to give us some information on upcoming   events regarding the ICMS and Ride for 22.  ICMS News from Doug

  • - February 17, 2018 ICMS Cabin Fever Dance at the New Frontier. It is now a non-smoking  establishment now and has better lighting. There is a $5.00 cover charge.
  • - April 7,2018 ICMS Spring Run Appreciation dinner. There will be a poker run. Dinner is at the VFW 8931 W Ardene St, Boise, ID 83709 hall from 4 pm- 6 pm. Dinner will be chicken and Fix’ns.
    - The Idaho STAR program had a Can-Am now donated for the Can-Am and trike class. The STAR program is also adding more classes.
    - The mountain roads are being salted instead of sanded. This will be cheaper for the State and Counties and better for the motorcycling community as the salt will dissolve instead of sand building up.
    - Ride for 22  Is a Veterans suicide awareness group that bring awareness to the fact that 22 Vets commit suicide a day.   April 21, 2018 Ride for 22 event is starting at HDHD and ending at Slicks bar. Slicks bar is also having a Grand Opening party. Proceeds are going to help Genesis Service dogs to get dogs to
    vets and help pay the vet and food bills for a year for 3 Veterans.   We are asking for volunteers for the ride. Tickets are available for the Ride for 22 Jeep "give away". Raffle items and donations are needed. The local Jeep club is hosting a 5k in Oregon. HDHD, Slicks, Kuna, Melba and back  to HDHD.
    - September 2018 there is going to be night ride and BBQ at Cycle Gear in Boise. Possible night glow ride.

Old Business:
> As of the meeting on 1/23 we were still looking for a new sponsor. We have approached Snake River Harley Davidson twice and still hadn't heard back from them. We are going to approach Birds of Prey in Caldwell, for sponsorship. Domain Name and Website are about $180.00 a year.   UPDATE: As of 1/30/81 - BOP has accepted our request as our new sponsor! Details at next meeting.
> November 25, 2017 Lowman Loop ride turned into a Christmas tree ride. Wonderful ride as the temperatures in November were awesome. Everyone had a great time hauling mini Christmas Trees home on their bikes!

New Business:
1) National WOW® Mileage contest is now starting on March 1st and ending on November 31st.
2) WOW Ride-In registration is now open. If you are planning are going, please sign up soon.  This year it is being held in Johnson City, Tennessee.
3) AHP (after holiday party) is being hosted by Margie Ridgeway. 1/28 - 2:30pm
4) April 28-29, 2018 ASM Basic and Advanced class will be held at the Watershed. If interested please sign up at This is the first time the Advanced class is being offered in our area. If you have not taken the Basic within last 2 years, you will need to take the Basic again before admission to the Advanced is accepted. I strongly encourage you to take the pair.   The Advanced class will give you a hands on opportunity to use your skills.
5) RIDE SCHEDULING MEETING is early this year due to our great weather we are having.   Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 2:30 pm at Kim Marshal’s home. Please bring any and all ideas for rides. The ride scheduling meeting will be in lieu of our regular meeting for Feburary.
The normally scheduled meeting for Feb. 27 is changed to this.             See you on the 25th!